Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Welcome to Ryan's Blog

Welcome to my blog, as my friends and family know I travel a lot both for pleasure and for business and along with the travel I love photography. For quite some time I've been considering starting a blog or website to share my travel stories and my photos but I never managed to get around to it. What finally convinced me to get my act together was that I moved to Tokyo, Japan in June (2006) and it was obvious that keeping a website to share stories and pictures with family and friends back in the US would be the easiest way to share what's going on in my life here in Japan. So, I've started a Tokyo blog and the related flickr site to share Tokyo stories and photos. I am planning to add stories and photos from my previous trips in a separate section (keep an eye on the links to the right).

A couple of disclaimer's, first you will see that I often use humor in telling these stories, I find that keeping a sense of humor in foreign cultures helps make travel easier and takes the bite out of the culture shock. When I tell jokes about the places I have visited or am living in I am not making fun of other cultures or other people I just find that keeping a sense of humor is the best way to explore the world. Clearly the funny stories are what everyone wants to hear about, so while there are plenty of plain old non-funny stories, most of them won't make it up here.

My second disclaimer is that while my work is what brought me here to Tokyo and also is the reason behind a number of the other trips you will see on this website I will not be mentioning anything about work here. First and foremost, who would ever want to read about anyone's job? And secondly it's just not a good idea

So, please see the links below, I hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think by leaving comments or emailing me (see the email me link to the right).

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Coming soon: Africa, India, St. John, Ireland, Costa Rica and Spain. More will follow soon.